Friday, October 7, 2011

J. Paul Getty, Kevin Patel, Art Day and a Day at the Museum

Well, it’s back in the saddle again, after a fine trip to So. Cal. Where I not only enjoyed the grand kids but got to go to the J. Paul Getty Museum in L.A. with my two sons. It was great; but there is far too much to see in a week let alone a day. So; we’re planning a return visit on my next trip down that way.

It was a gorgeous day. The air was as good as it gets in L.A. and some fine views were to be seen.  The Cuban historical photo exhibit was quite interesting with the photos from before during and after the revolution.

The 18th century cabinetry and porcelain were exquisite. And, the water colors by some of the greatest water colorist of all time were amazing in the detail rivaling any of the best oil paintings. While I was there I picked up a large coffee table book of William Blake’s art for Martha. She loved it.

Since I have been back I have hardly had a moment to rest what with getting caught up on real work and art activities. Along that line, Wednesday I docented for Two Rivers Gallery where I got caught up on things with Jan Theriault and checked out the newest work there by John Barrett and others. In the afternoon some German Tourists came by looking for something they could put in their suitcase for the flight home. They really would have like a matted print of Jan Cook Mack’s but needed one just a bit smaller.

 Yesterday was quit a full. After, getting caught up on paper work, it was out to the gallery to open up and then meet up with the Fifth Graders who were participating in the Art Day activities at the park and at the museum.  This as I had been asked to come down and take some video.

The kids were with their teachers and a slew of adults to supervise, guide and assist with their art projects both at the park where they made sculptures from natural objects typically found by the river and at the museum, where they had instruction from none other than Kevin Patel in the use of wax to make small sculptures to be bronzed at his foundry. The teachers and the kids all had a great time.

No sooner was I home and ready to make a video when Zeb from Lemolo’s called to remind that I was supposed to install my photos at the café. So; pack up the car I did with plenty of photos and digital art and headed across the river to install the work.  By the end of this I could hardly move and will have to go back today to place price cards.

This morning bright and early I was up make that video… whew… got it done. I just need to get it over to the museum. And of course today is First Friday and I’ll need to get to as many venues as I can to photo, mingle and enjoy the work of the artist there.  It should be a great night to relax and enjoy good friends and great art all around.

See you there.

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