Friday, December 30, 2011

Art All Over The Map

Well, it’s been a wonderful two weeks for art and artistic endeavors. It was exactly two weeks ago today that Pamela and Marvin Barrow came to pick up the family themed sculpture by Martha Flores for the new Library in Quincy. It was so good to have completed the firing and glazing in time before heading out to southern California to spend Christmas with the grandkids.

And, speaking of the grand kids I was overjoyed to see dance performances by two of the grand kids. One performance I put on video which everyone who saw it thought was hilarious, and can be seen at: . The oldest of the grand kids will be in a competitive dance competition soon, and so I was admonished, therefore, that I could not post video of the dance online as competing dance groups will know what CF Dance Academy will be doing and try to ‘up their game’ accordingly. So; alas no video of that very cool dance at this time. We’ll just have to wait till after the competition for that.

While there I also was able to get to Downtown L.A., to the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art with one of my sons to see the three digital art pieces I have in the December Show there. That was an adventure and it was interesting to see the art by the other artists, meet and talk with the Director Rex Bruce, as well as seeing my own art there.

And, of course hardly a day went by without some communication with parties at Two Rivers Gallery in Wenatchee and the Icicle Arts Gallery in Leavenworth where due to some scheduling changes Martha Flores will have overlapping Shows as Featured Artist in both galleries. Communicating with Jan Theriault at Two Rivers and Bryan Miller at Icicle arts to get the designs right for the posters and promotional post cards for each show and various installation issues kept each project not far from my consciousness even with all the wonderful family activities I was otherwise occupied with while out of town.

While stumbling around the internet at one point I discovered a worldwide arts map called, which I added the Martha Flores Studio to view go to: . is an interactive worldwide map of artist's studios, galleries, arts organizations, museums, arts events, and more. Listings on The Arts Map are free and searchable in many different ways. After sharing the info on with Jan over at Two Rivers Gallery, he informed me that he has added TRG to the site as well. Good job Jan.

And, no trip to So Cal. would be complete without spending some time on the water with family. Fishing and watching Dolphins and whales from the boat with Martha and family could not be beat. I did get some good pics and some shaky video of the marine life on what was a most beautiful day of sunshine and calm seas… perfect! We shall see if the bits of steady video of the whales and dolphins add up to a decent video for youtube. In any case I was able to isolate a good still of the Dolphins Jumping from the video.

After the boat trip it was great to get some photos of the artwork of Marisol Bowling, Martha's prima, who has really developed well in a short time since starting to paint couple of years ago.

On our way home, we stopped in Ventura, Ca. to visit with a wonderful artist and car designer Mark Sterenberger who has just recently had his art produced in the 1960’s rediscovered by a whole new generation of young artists and art lovers in New York.

Back home, there is no rest for the weary. Today Martha and I will head out to Quincy where the word is they may wish to commission another piece by Martha… Yeah!  And, of course we will want to see the new Library and all the new artwork there.

And, no sooner will we be back, when it will be time to start putting together the artwork for the gallery installation at Two Rivers Gallery that will take place this weekend. The opening reception there will be Friday January 6th… the same day, by the way, that we will be installing Martha’s artwork at the Icicle Arts Gallery in Leavenworth.

And, last but certainly not least, in yesterdays mail came the January edition of the Good Life Magazine which had a lovely article about Martha titled “Dancing Painter Turns sadness Into Sensuous Canvases” written by Susan Lagsdin. What a wonderful end of the year gift that was.
Well, enough for now… back to work and then to Quincy we will go.


  1. Happy New Year! Thanks for helping spread the word about The Arts Map. The more populated the map grows the more folks will use it to find us.
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  2. PS. Should have written: "to find all of us." - Jonathan