Sunday, November 18, 2012

NUART, New Ventures, Flames, Alien in the Museum and Eyes Over Venice

Well, this week I began working on a small scale mock-up of the new Steel Eagle project. Along this line, I also paid a visit to friend Terry Johnson’s studio to work on my welding technique. The end result of both the mock-up and the welding is that I am rethinking design to work with flat steel vs. steel rod for the armature. That should give me a much better surface with which to attach the sheet metal to the armature.

And while I have been working on the preliminary stages of my new Steel Eagle, Martha has found her small scale painting muse. I had ordered several 10”x10” canvases for her but they arrived after the submission deadline for the upcoming show in Twisp… dang! But she dived in head first and is making some really great small paintings. These should make a good alternative to buying prints for art buyers who would really love to own and original Martha Flores painting.

Thursday was the really big and busy day though for Martha and me.  First off we stopped in at the newest venue for artist to offer their work in Wenatchee… that being a place called Simply Unique. Heidi, the owner, was there and we delivered several of Martha’s small sculptures both bronze and ceramic and a number of paintings as well. After that it was off to Leavenworth for us.
On Wednesday, I posted a couple of videos on the new local GOWEDIA video sharing site. One of which was of Martha's Show at the Performing Arts Center in Wenatchee. It seems to be doing well there so far. To view go to:

I had become aware that two restaurants in Leavenworth were supporting the Upper Valley mend organization which supplies the area food banks by committing to donate all proceeds from Thursday to support the cause. So, I thought that would be a great day to head to Leavenworth, have lunch and visit Sherri at Pelican Gallery and meet the new director of Icicle Arts Gallery.

And; so after lunch at Café Verona we visited with Sherri who so graciously agreed to carry some of my photos in her gallery. Thanks so much Sherri. And, then we stopped by Icicle Arts of which we are members and where Martha had a show in January and February of this year and visited with Alicia McKee. She is eager and committed to doing great job and has some ideas about expanding the reach of the gallery.  For more on my interview with Alicia look for an upcoming blog in Art in the Valley and Beyond in the Wenatchee World Online.  While there we got a chance to see the current exhibit by Colored pencil artist Vicki DeRooy – we really liked her art.

After our visit to Leavenworth, the day wasn’t over yet for me. I still had the Two Rivers Gallery board meeting to attend. There we addressed nearly three hours worth of ideas. Plans and issues, but for Martha and me the upshot was that we are now committed to going on TV every month to promote the gallery and our First Friday event. Ahh… Martha … a star is born. My good buddy in Seattle is really wanting ac copy of our first TV appearance… it cracked him up so much. That should be a lot of fun for us and hopefully we will develop a following. We will plan on bring some art work with us each time and continue are humorous banter that both the host Laura Herrera and those who watched us enjoyed so much.

On Friday things were a bit more sedate. I worked on press release about Martha’s dancing and Painting Live show at the NUART Gallery in East Wenatchee on Saturday Nov. 24th. Some readers may recall that Martha painted three acrylic paintings while dancing to Latin Music last year on Black Friday from which a video was produced which can be seen at: . 
Later, I worked on submitting images for printing on metal and bamboo. One of the images that I am having printed on metal is what I am calling "Alien in the Museum". I’m really hoping those images will come out great on those substrates. And, while I worked on the upcoming show and my prints, Martha was paining in the studio and then went off to teach her art class at Recovery Innovations in Wenatchee.  

   and as always martha is creating one and inventive concepts in her art like this one which for now I have dubbed  "Overlooking Venice" by Martha Flores.

Well, enough for now. Have a very artful day and as as Horace once said, "A picture is a poem without words". I think Martha would agree.




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